Were our hearts not burning within us...



Emmaus is a relaxed, passive retreat weekend designed for those men and women who feel they would like to explore a deeper relationship with God. Every one of us has considered the questions, “Does God really exist?” or “How should God’s existence affect my life?” Unfortunately we are all very busy and don’t allow ourselves enough time to explore the answers. That’s what the Emmaus retreat is for. The men organizing and hosting the Emmaus retreat are regular guys and gals who will not try to convince you of their answers; instead they will share their own experiences with you and let you draw your own conclusions. We are not born Holy, and we have each led very different lives. But through the power of the Holy Spirit we have found our way back to the Lord and would like to tell you about these life changing experiences. For many of us, it was during an Emmaus Retreat that our hearts were touched by God. 


MAR. 27th - 29th 2020


APRIL. 3rd - 5th 2020

South Jersey Emmaus Retreat

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